On this this page, you find instructions how to download the current LIGGGHTS®-PUBLIC version including doc and examples.

You have 2 options for getting LIGGGHTS®-PUBLIC:
+ Checking out via Git (please find instructions in the download section)
+ Checking out via Ubuntu/Debian packages (currently not supported)

If you choose to download LIGGGHTS®-PUBLIC here, you may also want to look at our guidelines for post-processing here.

The download section is on the bottom of the page. You have to login in order to have access to the download section! If you do not have an account yet, please register for free.

The examples that come with LIGGGHTS®-PUBLIC are not meant to represent physically correct test cases - their purpose is to show the features of the code - e.g. the Young's modulus in these examples is lower than recommended for serious simulations