CFD-DEM coupled to VOF

CFDEM®coupling features high-performance, open source, customizable CFD-DEM simulations.
The VOF (volume of fluid) method can be integrated flawlessly into CFDEM®coupling. This establishes a framework for 3 phase simulations (fluid, gas, solid)

The examples below illustrate some of the capabilities and the applicability of CFDEM®coupling for unresolved CFD-DEM and the VOF method.
This is a feature which is not part of the public release, and is made availaible to customers of DCS via a commerical support version for industrial users ("Premium version")

test case: flotation, 4-way coupled CFD-DEM for two phase (gas/liquid) flow, including particle/interface force
In the following "proof of concept" the CFD-DEM functionality is combined with two phase VOF method. An interface force between particles and gas/liquid interface is applied.

Simple example: particle suspension droplet bouncing on surface
4-way coupled CFD-DEM combined with two phase flow (VOF)