CFDEM Benchmarks

CFDEM benchmarks

The self-conception of CFDEM is to be an efficient, highly scalable parallel CFD-DEM framework.

The lastest benchmark can be seen here (2018)

Involved in benchmarking and testing:
CD Lab on Particulate Flow Modelling, JKU Linz

We would like to motivate you to perform your own benchmarks and provide your results to the user community.


Hopper Emptying
The setup of this test case was inspired by a tutorial case available in OpenFOAM(R)-2.0.0 by OpenCFD.
Although we tried to keep the cases as similar as possible, a direct comparison is neither desired nor reasonable. It can although give a rough estimate of the performance and results.

test case: 4-way coupled CFD-DEM
Hopper flow with LIGGGHTS (left), compared to original case performed with OpenFOAM(R)-2.0.0. As the models applied are not the the same, this results cannot be used for detailed comparison of the codes!!!

A rough estimate on the performance performed from our side:

TOOL #procs simTime [s] execTime [s] final#particles fluid coupling speedup
OF2.0.0 2 5 39900 2016 no 1
LIGGGHTS 2 5 1799 1858 no ~22
CFDEM 2 1 556 3070 4-way ~14

We would highly appreciate test and benchmark results from your side to verify or falsify above numbers.

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