Paraview Plugin

The Paraview Plugin can be used to display the dump-files directly in Paraview without converting them to VTK Format.

Please see README File in the package for further information.

Information and download here

There is a binary reader, bases on the bin2txt tool, too. The speedup is very well. Just use .bin as file extension and LIGGGHTS will dump in binary format - and the binreader will read. The dump columns are fixed to

dump dmp all custom 100 post/dump*.bin id x y z vx vy vz radius mass

Where mass can be any scalar value. But you can change the code to match your dumpstyle.
UPDATE: can be used with LIGGGHTS >=2.0 (there were some changes in dump_custom)

Additionally you can use the appended "" Macro in Paraview to reload the post-folder while LIGGGHTS is just running. Extract the tar and add the update skript to Paraview Macros->Add new Macro. You will get a new Button update.
Now close PV, Open a new Terminal and go to the directory where your input-file is (not in the post folder!). Start Paraview from this commandline and hit the new Update-Button. First time, all available *.liggghts files will be processed to the file-series reader. A second hit will scroll to the last dumpfile.
You can change the post folder directly in the input-script.