About CFDEM®project

Dedicated to open source and commerical high performance scientific computing in fluid mechanics and particle science.

Particles and flow processes are everywhere - in industry, environment and everyday life Sugar, sand, ores, tablets, chemicals, biomass, detergents, plastics, crops, fruits need to be harvested, produced, processed, transported and stored. CFDEM®project is an open source software project for computational simulation engines, for these particle and fluid flow processes.

This website is about

- the LIGGGHTS® open source Discrete Element Method (DEM) software
- the CFDEM®coupling CFD-DEM software.
- the Aspherix® commerical Discrete Element Method (DEM) software - the successor of LIGGGHTS®

Every contribution to the open source packages LIGGGHTS® and CFDEM®coupling in the past is mentioned in the release notes. Work from all across the CFDEM®project community is very diverse, some snapshots can be found here.


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