Particle insertion & Packing generation

LIGGGHTS® features high-performance, open source, customizable DEM simulations.
There are multiple ways to insert particles and generate particle packings:

  • Insert a stream of particles, starting from a face defined by an STL mesh
  • Insert a defined number/mass of particles or a defined particle/mass rate into a region (simple geometric definition or VTK volume mesh)
  • Let particles grow over time and relaxate the packing that evolves
  • Create particles on a lattice
  • Read particle positions and velocities from a file

Some examples are given below

Example (Picture): Generating a packing based on a tetrahedral mesh (command fix insert/pack)

Example (Picture): Generating a particle stream based on surface mesh

Example (Video): Dilute packing is grow over time until the desired packing fraction is reached

Example (Picture): Defined regions can be exempted from the packing generation