There are 3 flavors of LIGGGHTS®:

  • LIGGGHTS®-PUBLIC for everyone: open source, free and for direct download from github for everyone: this is the version of LIGGGHTS® which is available for public download at this site. It offers everything a researcher needs to do simulations: A large model portfolio, performance, and it is easy to understand and extend with new capabilities. It is periodically updated, and includes all the contributions from the community.
  • LIGGGHTS®-PREMIUM for industry: open source, with commerical support and advanced feature set for a yearly maintenance & support fee: this is a version with additional features for large-scale industrial application, which we distribute directly to industrial partner companies of CFDEM®project from all around the world, who have spent several million Euros for developing LIGGGHTS® and CFDEM®coupling.
  • LIGGGHTS®-CONSORTIUM for academic partners: open source, customized & collaborative: this is a version with customized & collaborative developments together with a specific research consortium. We will syncronise the consortium developments with all the other development streams, apply quality assurance measures and help with teaching & training.

The Public version is made available to everyone. The Premium version is made available to industrial partners and customers as part of a long-term collaboration involving development projects to further strengthen the model porfolio of CFDEM®project. Consortium versions are available to research partners of DCS Computing.

  • All versions are under the GPL, granting all the freedoms of open source licensing!
  • Any and all developments will finally go into the PUBLIC version!

Please read here about our philosophy and background info why these layers exist.
Everyone is welcome to get involved and contribute to LIGGGHTS®-PUBLIC, more information can be found here

For more information on how to become a patner and access the PREMIUM or the CONSORTIUM version, please contact DCS Computing.