4 way unresolved CFD-DEM

CFDEM®coupling features high-performance, open source, customizable CFD-DEM simulations.
The most prominent CFD-DEM flavor is "unresolved" CFD-DEM, where particles are smaller than the fluid cells

The examples below illustrate some of the capabilities and the applicability of CFDEM®coupling for unresolved CFD-DEM.
This feature is part of the public release.

Example: large scale fluidized bed reactor
4-way coupled CFD-DEM applied to fluidized bed reactor with cyclone separators capturing the fines.

Example: bubbling fluidized bed
4-way coupled CFD-DEM applied to bubbling fluid bed case - 1.4e6 particles

Example: double spout fluidized bed
4-way coupled CFD-DEM applied to spout fluid bed case - 48000 particles

transfer chute simulation, 4-way coupled non-resolved CFD-DEM including scalar transport eqn. for dust propagation
This comparison of two different geometries for a transfer chute was carried out in cooperation with Jun.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. André Katterfeld (U Magdeburg). Thank you!

In this testcase the influence of cross-flow on the polydisperse particles falling from a conveyor can be seen.

The classic: CFDEM's first simulation: hopper discharge, 4-way coupled CFD-DEM
This case shows the flow in a standpipe induced by the particles falling from the hopper through the standpipe into a box.

test case: partly fluidized bed