Open Source Lattice-Boltzmann and LB-DEM Coupling

CFDEMproject goes Lattice-Boltzmann:

We're following two main project lines:

1. LIGGGHTS-Palabos Coupling

In Greek language, παλαβός [palavos] means "crazy". Crazy people do amazing stuff, so we decided to couple to their code:
(btw, "Palabos" also stands for "Parallel Lattice Boltzmann Solver")

In the past, we already coupled Palabos to Open Source CFD - see here for an eye-candy. Now we want to take the next step, and couple LIGGGHTS and Palabos.

Philippe Seil is bringing this project forward, and we're happy to announce that as a first result, Phillippe developed an XML scripting frontend for Pabalos, which is GPL'd and can be downloaded here. Further information on this project can be found here.

2. LB plugin for a commercial CFD software

Secondly, Stefan Pirker realized an LB plugin for a commercial CFD software, which can be found here. The main emphasis of this hybrid modelling approach is on coupling traditional CFD and LB to improve / speed up turbulence modelling with the help of LB LES.

PS: You can now reach us at "" as well :-)