CFDEM Project Members

Project members are those who actively contribute to CFDEM®project.

In alphabetical order:

Alice Hager (DCS Computing) - CFDEM®coupling application and developemnt, Immersed Boundary Method
user: alice

Andreas Aigner (DCS Computing) - LIGGGHTS® development: Testing, Contact Models, Servo Wall, Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
user: aaigner

Bruno Blais (Ecole Polytechnique Montreal - Department of Chemical Engineering) - CFDEM®coupling development, with focus on solid-liquid flows, rotating geometries, stirred-tanks and rheology

Thomas Forgber (Graz University of Technology) - ParScale Development and Application
user: tforg

Anton Gladky (TU Bergakademie Freiberg) - LIGGGHTS® Debian/Ubuntu package maintainer
user: AGl

Josef Kerbl (DCS Computing) - Application, Optimization, Calibration
user: j-kerbl

Arno Mayrhofer (CFDEMresearch) - LIGGGHTS® Development and Application

Federico Municchi (Graz University of Technology) - CPPPO and CFDEM®coupling development (Immersed Boundary Method)

Alexander Podlozhnyuk (DCS Computing) - LIGGGHTS®/CFDEM®coupling development: Nonspherical particles T-MAPPP project

Daniel Queteschiner (JKU Linz) - LIGGGHTS® development, coarse graining
user: Daniel Queteschiner

Christian Richter (OVGU Magdeburg) - Paraview Plugin for LIGGGHTS®, DEM in Bulk Solids Handling, Multibody Coupling
user: richti83

Philippe Seil (JKU Linz) - Lattice Boltzmann Coupling
user: Philippe
contact: philippe.seil(/\T)

Former project members

Stefan Amberger (JKU Linz, DCS Computing) - LIGGGHTS® development: LPP, general development, heat transfer
user: StefanA
contact: stefan.amberger(/\T)

Luca Benvenuti (JKU Linz) - Experimental validation and calibration

Richard Berger (JKU Linz) - LIGGGHTS® development, with focus on optimization and parallelization
user: rberger

Andreas Eitzlmayr (Graz University of Technology) - LIGGGHTS® development: Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics

Begona Capa Gonzales (Graz University of Technology) - Advanced Drag Models for Bi-Disperse Systems

Jean-François Jerier (EPFL Lausane) - Fragmentation models
user: JF

George Marketos (Imperial College London) - DEM for geomechanical applications
user: marketos
contact: g.marketos(/\T)

Bhageshvar Mohan (Graz University of Technology) - Advanced Drag Models for Bi-Disperse Systems
user: bhageshvar

Daniel Nasato (JKU Linz) - DEM for powder applications
user: nasato
contact: Daniel.Schiochet_Nasato(/\T)

Gijsbert Wierink (JKU Linz, DCS Computing) - multiphase CFD
user: gwierink