Warning: sub-domain too small to insert particles (in LIGGGHTS-PFM)

Submitted by atul2018 on Thu, 11/16/2023 - 16:27

Hello everyone

I looked online but couldn't find anything that concerns my query.

I am performing pure DEM simulation, where I have a rectangular box. I generate the bed (using insert/pack command) in a rectangular box till half of it then insert particles above the created gravel bed with insert/stream command. I can see that particles are inserted, but I get a warning that sub-domain size is too small to insert particles. The warning looks like:

insertion: proc 190 at 0 %
insertion: proc 190 at 10 %
WARNING: Particle insertion on proc 33: sub-domain too small to insert particles:
Max. bounding sphere diameter is 0.001360 sub-domain extent in y direction is only 0.000130 (../fix_insert.cpp:717)

This is a bit strange because I have enough space above the bed to insert particles. I wonder why I got this warning and what it means? Do I have to worry about something?

It is also strange that I get this warning only in LIGGGHTS-PFM; with the same input script in LIGGGHTS-PUBLIC, I don't see any such warning.

Best Regards
Atul Jaiswal