Smoothing for Tsource in cfdemSolverPisoScalar.C

Submitted by yesaswi92 on Fri, 01/11/2019 - 01:20


I'm trying to solve the heat transfer problem for a static particle bed with interstitial air. The particles are bigger than the mesh used for the CFD solution. From the source code, I see that the heat exchange field (EuField in cfdemSolverPisoScalar.C or the Tsource in cfdemSolverPisoScalar.C) is just being added to the CFD cells that coincide with particle centroids. But Tsource in all the other cells that also occupy this particle is being taken as zero.

I am wondering why not use a smoothing model to distribute this Tsource?

Is there a specific reason for not implementing this?

Thank You