Simulation of charged particle

Submitted by alireza766 on Thu, 12/19/2019 - 05:28

Hi ,
I am working on carbon particles in order to use them as the slurry flow in the battery. The size of the carbon particle is between 1 to 10 Micrometer and they will place in water in a microchannel.
Considering that a part of my studies before doing my experimental investigation is a numerical simulation, I've decided to simulate the behavior of particles and the effects of fluid flow on charge and discharge of the battery.
I found a paper and noticed that CFDEM is a powerful tool for my simulation. I am going to use CFDEM to simulate charged carbon particles. You can check the paper ''on charge percolation in slurry electrodes used in vanadium redox flow batteries''. I need to simulate this paper. could you please help me with how can simulate charged particles.
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