restart CFDEM

Submitted by shademani on Tue, 12/10/2019 - 00:42

Dear CFDEM users,
I am working on a case in which I need to use restart CFDEM.
In the case I need to move up a STL file and stop it and running the case with the stoped STL file.
So I did :
First, loading the particles(liggght-init)
Second, using an STL file as a gate which moving up till t=0.05(liggghts_run)
Last, running the case without the gate. (liggghts_restart)
I have a question regarding the controlDict which controls the running time.
In the restart case, we have three condrolDic including: controlDict,controlDict_run and controlDic_restart
Obviously, in controlDict_run, the time starts from 0 till 0.05(moving up the gate), and condtrolDict_restart strat from 0.05 till end time let say 1.2 s.
I am wondering what about controlDict?what is the start and time in controlDict?
Any advice will appreciate.