Rayleigh and Hertz time decreased after read_dump

Submitted by AzamatSalamat on Sun, 05/31/2020 - 18:27


I've been running a simulation with timestep 2.5e-7 and there were no warning messages. Once my computer shut down so I had to restart the simulation and used read_dump command with 'add' set to 'yes' for this. After I have restarted it, there were following messages:

WARNING: time-step is 397.197160 % of rayleigh time (../fix_check_timestep_gran.cpp:200)
WARNING: time-step is 63.994760 % of hertz time (../fix_check_timestep_gran.cpp:208)

even though I did not add any new particles nor changed the properties of the existing ones. What might be the cause for such significant reduction in Rayleigh and Hertz time? They were already inserted and I wanted to continue simulating their movement

Input file is attached


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AzamatSalamat | Wed, 06/03/2020 - 09:55

So apparently there is no such issue and no warning messages when using restart and read_restart commands instead of read_dump