Outputting contact overlap and contact area

Submitted by joe-dan on Tue, 04/06/2021 - 12:40

So i'm still quite new to liggghts and am having trouble with getting values for contact area and overlap. I found the compute command and realised i need to dump the data somewhere. so far im using the commands:

compute oLap_cArea all pair/gran/local delta contactArea

dump dmp2 all local/gran/vtk ${dumpstep} calculations/calc.pvtu oLap_cArea

the error im receiving is: ERROR: dump local/gran/vtk no longer allow parallel writing by setting the % character. Instead use a filename with suffix .pvtX (X = {u, p}). (../dump_local_gran_vtk.cpp:109)

I realise this gives me a solution for the problem however I cant seem to find anything about it really on the forums on how to fix it and im confused with the values of u and p.

if anyone can give me some insight on how to fix this or a better way to go about getting these values it would be greatly appreciated.