Multisphere restart

Submitted by bchang5 on Fri, 09/13/2019 - 19:33

Hi all,

I am trying to fill a container with multisphere particles. Since filling the container will take a very long time (over 48 hours), I created a restart file. However, when I try to restart the simulation to continue filling the container, an error comes up.

First, it was
ERROR: Fix multisphere (id integr): requires an 'atom_modify map' command to allocate an atom map (../fix_multisphere.cpp:343)

So I added the line: atom _modify map array sort 0 0

But another error appears as
ERROR: Atom_modify map command after simulation box is defined (../atom.cpp:520)

Any help is greatly appreciated. Attached are some shorter codes that will output the same errors.
First one is the original code without calling a restart file.
The next is the code that calls a restart file (which I've attached).

Best regards,

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