Moving region in dynamic process

Submitted by fiume97 on Thu, 11/10/2022 - 13:36

Hello Liggghts users,

I have encountered on one problem that I currently can't solve.

I have a filled up cylinder with up-down motion. Riggle move/mesh feature was used for the movement of the cylinder.
Now the task is to track the particles in one exact part of that cylinder, which means that it needs to be moved at the exact same trajectory.

Riggle movement is not implemented in move command of the region. I tried to describe the movement with the movement of the region with rotate feature, but the problem is that I can't see if it is correct.

My two questions are:
Is there a possibility to dump region coordinates (similar to boundingBox) in stl. or vtk. file to see the behaviour of the region?
Is there any straight-forward way to implement riggle movement with exact inputs to the region?

Have a nice day!