LIGGGHTS® 3.7.0 released

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Submitted by ckloss on Fri, 07/07/2017 - 10:47

<strong>LIGGGHTS® 3.7.0: (released by DCS Computing, 07 July 2017)</strong>

<li> Big improvement for compilation: All contact models can now be run, even though they might not be in the whitelist for optimized runs. In this case they will run unoptimized (without inlining).</li>
<li>Christoph Kloss (DCS) fixed an inconsistency with wall heat transfer. In case of restart, the mesh temperature is taken from input script taken, not restart</li>
<li>Documentation updated: Indicated wrong definition of G* in cited paper. Thanks to user MiRa for reporting it.</li>
<li>Christoph Kloss (DCS) fixed an incorrect indexing for fix ave/euler. Thanks to Daniel Queteschiner (JKU) for bringing this up.</li>
<li>Arno Mayrhofer (DCS) fixed a bug in fix mesh/surface/* when auto_remove_duplicates was used</li>
<li>Christoph Kloss (DCS) fixed a bug with particle insertion when reset_timestep used together with restart. Thanks to Rouven Weiler (BASF) for a test case</li>
<li>Arno Mayrhofer (DCS ) made several improvements to for increased robustness (new feature: postfix)</li>
<li>Arno Mayrhofer (DCS ) reworked the "Getting started" section in the documentation</li>
<li>Arno Mayrhofer (DCS ) reworked the handling of meshes in a periodic domain</li>
<li>Arno Mayrhofer (DCS ) fixed a bug when fixes were replaced. Thanks to user estefan31 for reporting it.</li>
<li>Christoph Kloss (DCS ) added a 'check_dist_from_subdomain_border' keyword to fix insert/pack and fix insert/rate/region which controls if the insertion leaves free space at processor boundaries to avoid overlapping particles (default = yes)</li>
<li>Alexander Podlozhnyuk (DCS ) added 'contactPoint' to compute pair/gran/local</li>
<li>Arno Mayrhofer (DCS ) wrote a new compute erotate that sums the rotational kinetic energies of different particle types</li>
<li>Arno Mayrhofer (DCS ) cleaned up the MAKE folder, only auto and two exemplary Makefiles remain.
 All other Makefiles are still in the distro (in the 'deprecated' folder, but will be removed with the next release</li>
<li>Arno Mayrhofer (DCS ) added a signal handler to LIGGGHTS. Sending SIGUSR1 will result in a restart file being written and SIGTERM or SIGINT in a quitting of LIGGGHTS after a restart file is written (a second signal will kill it immediately).</li>
<li>Arno Mayrhofer (DCS ) modified the fix move/mesh command that now has reference frames (for the center of rotation) that depend on parent fixes</li>