LIGGGHTS® 3.5.0 released

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Submitted by ckloss on Mon, 09/05/2016 - 13:40

Current version in LIGGGHTS®-PUBLIC git repository: LIGGGHTS® 3.5.0 (released 05 September 2016)

LIGGGHTS® 3.5.0: (released by DCS Computing, 05 September 2016)

  • Multi-sphere goes parallel: release of the parallel computation module for mult-sphere simulation
  • LIGGGHTS® goes dense: Arno Mayrhofer (CFDEMresearch) added an implementation of the multi-contact model for dense packing with plastic deformation
  • Important update for particle insertion: Josef Kerbl (DCS Computing) added an isPrime() check, which is now used to enforce that the seeds for particle insertions (fix insert/*) are well-chosen
  • Also slightly changed the insertion behavior in case of no overlapcheck in parallel for fix insert/*
  • The group of Stefan Radl (TUG) added a fix multisphere/break command. Thanks for that contribution!
  • Andreas Aigner (DCS Computing) and Arno Mayrhofer (CFDEMresearch) overhauled the file read implementation for the VTK reader, it now can read files where one line contains multiple points
  • Added a new "error" flag to fix check/timstep/gran
  • A new fix massflow/mesh/sieve command was added by the group of Stefan Radl at TUG. Thanks for this contribution!
  • Added output for normal and tangential contact torque in compute pair/gran/local and compute wall/gran/local
  • Andreas Aigner (DCS Computing) found and fixed an indexing bug in liquid bridge models easo and washino
  • Andreas Aigner (DCS Computing) also found and fixed a small issue with the tangential models, where in some cases particle-wall torques were omitted for a second contact
  • Additional debugging information for fix mesh/surface when import fails due to geometry shift
  • Removed deprecated 'neigh_modify cluster' command
  • Robin Gibaud (Simap Grenoble) found a bug in the parallel algorithm of compute inertia/molecule, which was now fixed. Thanks for the bug report!
  • Some updates for the calculation of kinetic energy: "ke" calculation via the thermo keyword "ke" is now correct for multi-sphere by default, even when no compute ke/ms is used. Also added a patch so that ke is also computed for simulations with just one single particle present.Thanks to Arno Mayrhofer (CFDEMresearch) for the update!
  • Made a small modification to the doc for the fix insert/* commands, where the descripton for the 'set_property' functionality was a bit misleading. Thanks to Daniel Queteschiner (JKU) for the hint!
  • Robin Gibaud (Simap Grenoble) also noted that there might be a small difference between the compute pair/gran/local values for contact forces invoked at the end of the time-step for output and the contact force used for integration. This slight deviation is now mentioned in the doc.
  • Added the restriction that multisphere is not compatible with fix deform. Thanks for user ZYan for the hint that this was missing!
  • Christian Richter (OVGU Magdeburg) identified a copy/paste issue in the documentation of cohesion model washino/capillary/viscous, which was now fixed. Thanks for noting this.
  • Andreas Aigner (DCS Computing) commited a large patch that should remove loads of compilation warnings


  • Seeds for particle insertion (fix insert/*) must now be large primes. LIGGGHTS will give a list of suggestions when you run into this issue.
  • Insertion in parallel different with no overlap check might give slightly different particle distribution
  • Kinetic energy calculation for multisphere simulations via thermo ke might give different results