LIGGGHTS® 3.4.0 released

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Submitted by ckloss on Tue, 05/17/2016 - 23:16

LIGGGHTS® 3.4.0: (released 17.05.2016)

  • Made significant changes to the cohesion and liquid bridge models. Now the normal force from these models is "seen" by the tangential models, leading effectively to a larger macroscopic cohesion. The behavior before can be reproduced using the new "tangential_reduce" flag. Thanks a lot to Josef Kerbl and Andreas Aigner (both DCS Computing) for proposing this.
  • Added a new dump local/gran/vtk feature to viz force chain networks.
  • Refactoring of wall for implementation in preparation for non-intersection forces. Also added a driver for non-contacting wall forces. Thanks to Stefan Radl (TU Graz) for the suggesion.
  • Added a "region" filter to the family of fix mesh/surface/* commands to be able to filter the geometry for mesh import. Also changed the hard angle limit for tri import to a more permissive value.
  • Added a new fix property/atom/timetracer to calculate particle residence time in the simulation domain or a list of regions.
  • Stefan Radl (TUG) added implicit integration driver for the scalar transport equation. Thanks for that patch.
  • Changed the default enery calculation in a way that energy for simulations containing multi-spheres is now correct by default. Thanks to Arno Mayrhofer (CFDEMresearch) for the patch.
  • Added the "info" command from LAMMPS that prints information about the internal state of the simulation.
  • Improvements for fix massflow/mesh: Fixed an issue with fix massflow/mesh double counting. Thanks to Andreas Aigner and Alice Hager (DCS Computing). Also it supports now moving meshes
  • Fixed another issue with more than one fix massflow/mesh commands with multisphere. Thanks to Christian Richter (OVGU Magdeburg) for posting a patch.
  • Fixed a rare particle-triangle contact detection issue. Thanks to Christian Richter (OVGU Magdeburg) for sending over a test case.
  • Fixed a small memory leak in dump mesh/vtk when using interpolation.
  • Fixed an issue with meshes and PBCs in a very special context. Thanks to Chris Stoltz (PG) for sending a test case.
  • Compute pair/gran/local now supports output of non-contacting force. Thanks to T-MAPPP ESR Guiseppe Raso (JM) for the note that this was not working before.
  • Stefan Radl (TUG) motiviated the addition of a "compress_tags" feature to the fix insert/* commands.
  • User Christoph discovered a flaw in the reset_marker feature of compute nparticles/tracer/region, which is now fixed. Thanks a lot for finding this.