LIGGGHTS® 3.2.1 released

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Submitted by ckloss on Tue, 07/21/2015 - 21:53

LIGGGHTS® 3.2.1: (released 21.07.2015)

  • Added a new "EPSD3" rolling friction model that is similar to EPSD1, but allows the user explicit control over the rolling stiffness. See doc for more detail. Thanks to Thomas Puffitsch (TUG) for the contribution.
  • The default length unit for commands "fix ave/spatial", "fix deform", "fix move", "fix dt/reset", "fix wall", "change_box", "region", "velocity", and "create_atoms" was changed from "lattice" to "box" units
  • Added two more outputs for compute pair gran local: "force_normal" and "force_tangential" can now also be output
  • In preparation of species coupling using ParScale, added a new fix couple/cfd/speciesConvection. Thanks to the group of Stefan Radl (TUG) for the collaboration on this topic.
  • Richard Berger (JKU) added a "modify_timing" command that can give fine-grained information about the run-time of each fix (rather than lumping all times together in "Other"). Thanks for this nice feature!
  • Added number based distribution definition to fix particletemplate/discrete. Thanks to Rouven Weiler (BASF) for the suggestion
  • Fixed a rare bug where restart data was not correctly assigned to fixes after restart. Thanks to Andreas Aigner (DCS) for providing a testcase.
  • Fixed a bug in fix ave/euler concerning the calculation of average velocity. Thanks to Daniel Queteschiner (JKU) for posting a bugfix!
  • Fixed an issue with the "dynamic" feature of the region command
  • Added support for fix group for fix massflow/mesh, i.e. the command now only counts the particles in the specified fix group
  • Added a new tangential model "off", which corresponds to no tangential model. For consistency, this model is now the default if no tangential model is specified

BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY 1: The default behavior for the tangential model was changed (in case no tangential model is specified).
BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY 2: The default unit system for some commands was changed to box units as outlined above