LIGGGHTS 3.6.0 released

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Submitted by ckloss on Tue, 01/17/2017 - 20:21

LIGGGHTS® 3.6.0: (released by DCS Computing, 17 Jan 2016)

  • This release prepares LIGGGHTS® for a big event: Pegasus will land very soon:
  • Christoph Kloss (DCS Computing) modified rolling friction models cdt, epsd, epsd2, and epsd3. They now come with a 'torsionTorque' flag that allows to controll if norsion torque is used or not. The default is the previous behavior (off). There were a number of separate discussions regarding this topic. Thanks to Alice Hager (DCS Computing), Chen Mingyong (John Deere), Joshua Poganski (ÖAW), Alexander Podlozhnyuk (DCS Computing), and Sascha Behzad Soltanbeigi (University of Edinburgh) for the discussions!
  • Arno Mayrhofer (DCS Computing) implemented liquid bridges for particle-wall contacts and improved the nighbor list break-up handling. He also added a new fix mesh/surface/liquidtransfer.
  • Arno Mayrhofer (DCS Computing) also corrected the liquid bridge breaking in Washino and Easo models
  • Arno Mayrhofer (DCS Computing) re-worked the internals of fix mesh/surface, allowing flexible combination of mesh modules, such as liquid transfer modele and the stress module. There is full backward compatibility to the way how the commands were structured before.
  • Andreas Aigner (DCS Computing) reworked the style of the documentation to make it visually much nicer. You will see that the html documentation has really improved. For this release, we're not shipping a pdf of the manual, but we'll do so for the next one
  • Josef Kerbl (DCS Computing found and fixed a rare bug resulting in an internal error when using fix insert/stream in highly parallel simulation
  • Arno Mayrhofer (DCS Computing) re-wrote the replicate command and fixed several issues with it.
  • Sebastian Richter (DLR) found a copy/paste issue in the doc of fix insert/rate/region, which is now fixed
  • Arno Mayrhofer (DCS Computing) created a new Makefile auto, which . This is now the default recommended Makefile.
  • Josef Kerbl (DCS Computing) also improved the accuracy of particle distributions for specific cases.
  • Christoph Kloss (DCS Computing) fixed a bug with multisphere and fix massflow mesh and restart. Thanks to Rouven Weiler (BASF) for providing a test case
  • Christoph Kloss (DCS Computing) changed the implementation for fix massflow/mesh with multisphere. Now the constituent spheres of a multisphere particle are used for evaluating the mass-flow. This is more accurate and also removes a rare parallelization issue . Thank to Christian Richter (OVGU) for sharing a test-case for that issue
  • Christoph Kloss (DCS Computing) made a minor update for how STL mesh elements are imported. Stefan Radl (TUG) brought up a case where STL surface import failed when degenerated elements are present. This is fixed now.
  • Christoph Kloss (DCS Computing) fixed a small numeric issue with fix insert/rate/region which could pretend the command from working in some cases. Thanks to Chris Stoltz (PG) for a test case
  • Arno Mayrhofer (DCS Computing) added an example for the multicontact model (hydrogel compression)
  • Christoph Kloss (DCS Computing) fixed an issue with fix insert/stream in case restarted simulation has different time-step size
  • Some internal pointer clean-up. Thanks to Daniel Queteschiner (JKU) for the hint
  • Updated help functionality ( -h , -help), which now shows an up-to date overview of all compiled contact models, fixes, computes