LIGGGHTS 2.3.8 released

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Submitted by ckloss on Thu, 10/10/2013 - 16:41

LIGGGHTS 2.3.8: (released 10 October 2013)

+ Major MPI communication optimization for granular systems, reducing the number of ghost atoms on neighboring processors for poly-disperse systems.
+ Stefan Radl (TU Graz) added a Crank-Nicolson integration scheme for fix couple/cfd/force/implicit. Many thanks for this contribution!
+ Slight revision of the mesh handling in LIGGGHTS, where some mesh topology details were not detected correctly for different node orientation of adjacent triangles (which is usually not the case). Thanks to user rkumar310 for posting a test case.
+ Fixed a small issue with writing restart files of simulations using fix massflow/mesh.
+ Fixed a logic bug in the Finnie wear model of fix mesh/surface/stress, which could lead ot negative wear values in rare cases.
+ Added a sanity check for characteristic velocity, which now needs to be > 1e-2 for SI units.
+ Andreas Aigner (JKU) fixed a bug that could result in incorrect neighborlist build in rare cases for growing particles. Thanks for this!
+ Stefan Amberger (JKU) fixed a bug in the bounding box calculation for region wedge. Thanks for this!
+ Fix insert now outputs # of inserted particles and inserted mass. Also fixed a small bug in the calculation of calc final insertion step.

The Finnie model of fix mesh/surface/stress may output different values.

However, there are some restrictions in 2.3.8 (see below) which will be relaxed over time:
+ fix breakparticle/force is not yet available

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