LIGGGHTS 2.0.6 released

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Submitted by ckloss on Wed, 08/08/2012 - 12:18

LIGGGHTS 2.0.6: (released 8 August 2012)

+ Fixed an issue with the recently added fix move/mesh/linear/variable command. Thanks to Christian Richter (OVGU Magdeburg) for finding this bug.
+ Added an error message if a user would provide a vector with length 0 for the fix gravity command. Thanks to user jooj for reporting this.
+ Fixed an issue that would prevent the correct particle-wall restitution coefficient to be pictured for particle-triangle contacs at the edge of two neighboring elements. Thanks to Chris Stoltz (P&G) for noting this deficiency.
+ Fixed an issue with distributing the remainder of non-integer-number for particles to insert of a particle distribution. Now particle distributions should be matched more exactly. Thanks again to Chris Stoltz (P&G) for noting this.
+ Fixed a bug in particle-wall heat transfer. Thanks to Kirk A. Fraser (Roche Consulting Group) for letting us know.
+ Fixed a bug with detection of mesh topology (edges and nodes) in some parallel cases. Thanks to Eric Parteli (U Erlangen) for reporting the bug and sending a case that showed this.
+ Some more small internal bugfixes.

However, there are some restrictions in 2.0.6 (see below) which will be relaxed over time:
+ region tetmesh is not yet available
+ 'all_in yes' is not yet available for fix insert/stream
+ fix breakparticle/force is not yet available