LIGGGHTS 1.4.2 released

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Submitted by ckloss on Thu, 09/08/2011 - 18:49

LIGGGHTS 1.4.2 (released 8 September 2011)

+ Preparing for merging some basic LIGGGHTS stuff into LAMMPS together with Steve Plimpton (Sandia). Therefore, some cosmetic changes in filenames and class names have been performed. E.g. renamed fix property/peratom class to fix property/atom, and changed fix property/global keywords 'peratomtype' and 'peratomtypepair' to 'atomtype' or 'peratomtype'. However, the old keywords are still supported.
+ Fixed a bug in the CFD coupling that slipped in one of the last releases. It only applied if using the data coupling via files, not the MPI coupling. Thanks to Christoph Goniva (JKU) for flagging this via his CFDEM test harness.
+ Fixed a bug where the coordination number was calculated incorrectly by compute coord/gran. Thanks to Mark Bentley (Space Research Institute, Austrian Academy of Sciences) for finding this and providing a testcase
+ Added funtionality to allow compute pair/gran/local to access contact area and heat flux (for thermal simulation), enabled vis 'contactArea' and 'heatFlux' keywords. Thanks again to Mark Bentley (Space Research Institute, Austrian Academy of Sciences) for the suggestion.
+ Added a sanity check for the VTK check of the 'region tetmesh' command. Thanks to user Yansan for motivating this.
+ Corrected/updated the doc for the pair/gran/hertz/history/stiffness and pair/gran/hooke/history/stiffness styles. Also, you can now choose between two options for damping in the pair/gran/hooke/history/stiffness style. Thanks to user Yansan for pointing out there was an incosistency
+ Removed option 'gaussian' from the particletemplate/sphere command as it is no longer supported. Thanks to user willroc7 for flagging this.
+ Fixed an issue with the dump stl command writing the STL footer multiple times in parallel. Thanks to Timo Kulju (Oulu University Finland) for reporting this.
+ Finally added the missing doc for the region tetmesh, fix insert/stream and fix insert/pack commands added in version 1.4

BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY: Renamed keywords 'peratomtype' and 'peratomtypepair' to 'atomtype' and 'atomtypepair'. However, the old keywords are still supported.