LIGGGHTS 1.3 released

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Submitted by ckloss on Tue, 06/14/2011 - 16:36

LIGGGHTS 1.3 (released 14 June 2011)

New major pack of updates

Multiple updates to the fix mesh/gran command:
1) Speed up in the mesh import routine, is now ~factor 10 faster for large meshes
2) Added a new rotation option to mesh gran. Thanks to Evan Smuts (U Cape Town) for submitting this
3) Fixed a tolerance issue for calculating the damping force calculation in case of moving mesh
4) Now triangle meshes also be imported from (legacy) ASCII VTK files.

Further updates and bug fixes:
1) Added a new cone-stype granular wall via the fix wall/gran command. Thanks to Chris Stoltz (P&G) for sending the code.
2) Fixed a typo bug in the check timestep gran routine and also fixed a typo in the doc. Thanks to Sergei D for finding this
3) Fixed an initialization bug in the pair/gran/hooke/history/simple and pair/gran/hertz/history/simple styles. Thanks to Christine Bertsch (Züblin) for running into this.

The following new features that ease up particle insertion are added in a beta mode. There is no full doc yet, feel free to try the new examples and browse the source code.
1) Added a new region tetmesh command, that reads tetrahedral meshes from VTK that can be used as regions. This is not only useful for particle insertion, but also for post-processing
2) Added a new fix insert/stream, which is similar to the fix pour commands, but takes a triangle mesh (fix mesh/gran) as boundary condition. This mesh is then extruded in the direction of the insertion velocity to give an insertion volume. The assumption 'gravity must point in -z direction' is now dropped.
3) Added a new fix insert/pack command that can now use arbitrary regions (also the new region tetmesh) for insertion instead of just box and z-cylinder

Added 3 new tutorials to show these new capabilities: region_tetmesh, insert_pack and insert_stream