LIGGGHTS 1.2.3 beta released

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Submitted by ckloss on Thu, 12/23/2010 - 12:54

LIGGGHTS 1.2.3 beta (released 23 December 2010)

Introducing and update and a couple of fixes:
+ Added a triaxial compression example contributed by Tong Shan (Hong Kong University of Science & Technology).
+ Fixed a bug in the wear model, not correctly write out the data to VTK in parallel. Thanks to Alexander Polson (Mecalysis) for seeing this.
+ Fixed a bug related to simulation restart with granular walls. Thanks to Ram Chand
+ Fixed a fix rigid issue. Thanks to thanks to Thomas Wagner (TU Freiberg) and Colman-Patrick Carroll (BASF) for reporting this.
+ Updated the doc of pair/gran and fix wall/gran to include info on how to use the new rolling friction model
+ Updated the doc of fix check/timestep/gran (fixed a typo). Thanks to to Fabian Uhlig (TU Freiburg / U Twente) for noting this
+ Updated the doc of compute pair/gran/local (fixed a typo).

IMPORTANT NOTE: This version is in beta state.