Installing older CFDEMcouping versions

Submitted by aled meulenbroek on Mon, 09/03/2018 - 12:07

Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to implement a test case for the CFDEM coupling code in which there is rotational coupling. For as far as I know the rotation of a particle is implemented in the Glowinski two sphere test case, however the rotation is forced and does not decrease due to viscous friction with the fluid. Since this is very important for my modeling problem I'm currently trying to implement the code made by Aycock et al. . Unfortunately they are not using the current version of CFDEM and therefore it becomes impossible to use their changes to the code. I cannot find any good directions into how to install the version of CFDEMcoupling I need, which is : v2.7.x with openFoam v 2.3.1 and Ligggths 3.0.2. can I get any directions into how to do this?

thanks in advance,

Aled Meulenbroek