Implementation of SRF (Single Rotating Frame) model in CFDEM coupling

Submitted by hossain.aziz on Thu, 02/06/2020 - 02:16


I am working on the implementation of the SRF (Single Rotating Frame) model in the CFDEM coupling. SRF model is already there in OpenFOAM. I was able to make the necessary changes in the CFDEM solver following the codes of the OpenFOAM solvers. However, I am not sure about the changes needed in LIGGGHTS. According to my understanding, I need to include Coriolis force and Centrifugal force in the LIGGGHTS. Is it possible to add these two forces using the 'fix addforce' command in the LIGGGHTS script or changes should be made in the LIGGGHTS source code? Any help will be greatly appreciated.