In-house CFDEM coupling solver stops without errors when run in parallel

Submitted by HhXia on Mon, 11/22/2021 - 13:03

Hello all,

I am working on CFD-DEM coupling simulations with our in-house coupling solver, and we recently face a tricky technical problem. The problem is that our coupling simulation stops randomly without any errors when run the simulations in parallel.

In order to fix the problem, I have tried the following ways:

1. try to run the same simulations on three different machines (2 local workstations and one HPC cluster), however, all of them stop without any errors.

2. try to use different methods to decompose the computational domain, but still failed.

3. re-install openmpi and OpenFOAM 5.x and re-compile the CFDEM coupling library as well as our in-house solver, but also failed.

I guess there must be something wrong with the MPI issues and I also found that the similar problem when some other OpenFOAM users run their parallel simulations, e.g.

I would like to hearing some suggestions from our community and any suggesions will be highly appreciated.

With kind regards,