"General failure" error at startup after (at least) 2 days of nonusage

Submitted by sassi67 on Mon, 09/18/2017 - 10:48

Some users have found a bug with the following features:
1) CFDEMworkbench has not been used for at least 2 days.
2) CFDEMworkbench starts correctly a first time.
3) Close CFDEMworkbench.
4) Reopen it and the error appears.

Root cause: the license server was not able to synchronize itself with the local PC.

Temporary solution: if you reopen CFDEMworkbench after 5 hours then it runs correctly.

Releases affected: all the STARTER/PRO with release number <= v2.1.4.
Releases NOT affected: In-House server.

We are working to fix the bug. In few days we are going to deliver a new release.

Thanks for your patience.

Alessandro - Software development (DCS Computing GmbH)