Error "realloc():invalid next size" error in LIGGGHTS_PFM

Submitted by atul2018 on Fri, 11/17/2023 - 14:07


Please please please help; I have been stuck here for weeks. I have installed the latest version of CFDEMCoupling_23.02 (couples LIGGGHTS-PFM with OF-6) in our university's Linux cluster. Compilation is done successfully without nay error.

Atm, I am running at the moment pure DEM simulation (LIGGGHTS) case in parallel wit 224 processor. The case starts successfully without any problem runs for a quite a while (1.5-1.6 sec) but all of a sudden (while insterting particles) it throws the error "realloc():invalid next size" and its getting killed. I am not able to understand what is this and how can I solve this issue. The error from output file looks like:

INFO: Particle insertion r_ins: inserted 133127 particle templates (mass 0.009986) at step 6000001
- a total of 798762 particle templates (mass 0.060041) inserted so far.
*** Error in `/dss/dsshome1/lxc03/ge72xes2/CFDEM/LIGGGHTS/src-build/liggghts': realloc(): invalid next size: 0x0000000002c1dd90 ***
*** Error in `/dss/dsshome1/lxc03/ge72xes2/CFDEM/LIGGGHTS/src-build/liggghts': realloc(): invalid next size: 0x00000000027d2ca0 ***
*** Error in `/dss/dsshome1/lxc03/ge72xes2/CFDEM/LIGGGHTS/src-build/liggghts': realloc(): invalid next size: 0x0000000004307240 ***

= RANK 140 PID 34722 RUNNING AT i22r04c02s01
= KILLED BY SIGNAL: 9 (Killed)

Please help if someone has faced this kind of behavior before. I could provide more information if required. I am in urgent and desperate need of help.

Best Regards
Atul Jaiswal