Comparison against Comsol - Particle Tracing Module

Submitted by AndresMM on Wed, 12/13/2017 - 10:23

Hi everybody,

I am simulating the behavior of particle suspensions in microfluidic chips in the presence of a force field (magnetism, acoustophoresis, etc.). The simulation basically takes into account three main phenomena: Hydrodynamics (CFD), Particles (LIGGGHTS) and the external field (which is specified in LIGGGHTS).

To be clear, I am using CFDEM for these simulations.

I have noticed that other authors have simulated something very similar using COMSOL multiphysics, specifically with the particle tracing module. Comsol seems a very versatile software package, so I am trying to come up with the advantages of using CFDEM for the same problem (basically trying to sell myself the idea, and later to my supervisors).

My question is basically, what are the advantages of employing CFDEM for the simulation of particle suspensions in microfluidic chips when compared against Comsol multyphsics - Particle Tracing Module?

My own partial answer:
- Public version is free
- Robust particle simulation: realistic friction models. Adhesion, cohesion phenomena can be modeled.
- Robust hydrodynamics simulation: Fluid is displaced by the particles. Not limited to very diluted suspensions. Immersed boundary method possible.

Comsol Multiphysics - Particle Tracing Module:
- Particles do not displace the fluid they occupy
- Suspension concentration is assumed to be on the lower per-THOUSAND (not percent) range
- Particles retain their shape/size
- Limited particle-particle, particle-wall interaction (in comparison against the friction modeling in LIGGGHTS)

I would greatly appreciate any input from anyone experienced with Comsol, unfortunately I have never worked with it and our institute has no license for it.


P.S. My goal with this forum topic is not to bash any software package or engage in a lengthy "Program A vs. Program B" general discussion, but rather focused in this case.

ra474 | Tue, 06/08/2021 - 16:15

HI, I know that this is many years old now, but do you have any new updates about this. DId you end up using CFDEM and how was it?