CFDEMproject goes Lattice-Boltzmann

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Submitted by ckloss on Mon, 09/24/2012 - 21:40

CFDEMproject goes Lattice-Boltzmann:

We're following two main project lines:

1. LIGGGHTS-Palabos Coupling

In Greek language, παλαβός [palavos] means "crazy". Crazy people do amazing stuff, so we decided to couple to their code:
(btw, "Palabos" also stands for "Parallel Lattice Boltzmann Solver")

In the past, we already coupled Palabos to Open Source CFD - see here for an eye-candy. Now we want to take the next step, and couple LIGGGHTS and Palabos.

Philippe Seil is bringing this project forward, and we're happy to announce that as a first result, Phillippe developed an XML parser for Pabalos, which is GPL'd and can be downloaded here. Further information on this project can be found here.

2. LB plugin for a commercial CFD software

Secondly, Stefan Pirker realized an LB plugin for a commercial CFD software, which can be found here. The main emphasis of this hybrid modelling approach is on coupling traditional CFD and LB to improve / speed up turbulence modelling with the help of LB LES.

PS: You can now reach us at "" as well :-)