Calculate kn kt from material properties

Submitted by jagan1mohan on Thu, 07/16/2020 - 02:56

Hello Friends, I have found from the documentation that the following property definitions should be used in order to use hooke/stiffness model.

fix m1 all property/global kn peratomtypepair 1 1e03
fix m2 all property/global kt peratomtypepair 1 0.0
fix m3 all property/global gamman peratomtypepair 1 0.0
fix m4 all property/global gammat peratomtypepair 1 0.0
fix m5 all property/global coefficientFriction peratomtypepair 1 0.0
fix m6 all property/global coefficientRestitution peratomtypepair 1 1.0

pair_style gran model hooke/stiffness tangential history
pair_coeff * *

My system is a one-particle type and I have Youngs modulus, Poisson ratio as material properties. How to calculate kn, kt, gamman and gammat in this case?

I tried using Youngs modulus, Poisson ratio directly but I get an error asking for kn, kt etc. values.

Could you please help me here.

Thank you,
Jagan Mohan.