Area_correction for wall/gran heat transfer

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Submitted by c.beaulieu on Wed, 08/14/2019 - 22:46


I am using LIGGGHTS to simulate heat transfer in a packed bed of particles. I decided to calculate the contact area with the overlap and with the area correction given by adding the original Young Modulus. This is feasible for the contact particle-particle.

However, is there a reason why the keyword area_correction is not available for the fix_wall_gran.cpp?
When I look at the fix_wall_gran.cpp file, I could see that indeed there is no possibility to accept an argument for the area correction.
I understand that it is not possible to scale the contact area for the heat transfer between a particle and the wall... I thought that maybe this routine worked differently and I saw there was a section about the original Young Modulus. I think the code should go take the deltan_ratio (line 1286), but it seems like my variables ymo_fix and n_htf are always equal to 0, leading to no correction on the contact area. Am I wrong? Is there something that I don't see?

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