Add new contact models

Submitted by Mateus Kostka on Wed, 04/07/2021 - 10:01

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I plan to modify the hertz model to consider diffusion.

So I work in the script of the model normal_model_hertz.

How can I use this model in liggghts? my plan is to insert my new script in the src folder.
How can I assign this contact model in my script?
Which command I have to use to in my liggghts script, to use this model instead of the hertz model?
How can I implement and load my new model in the liggghts library?

So far I use this command to use the hertz Model:

pair_style gran model hertz tangential history rolling_friction cdt
pair_coeff * *

Best regards and thank you

Mateus Kostka