About compilation of resetInterpolators in cfdTools

Submitted by enzu on Wed, 10/30/2019 - 03:06

Dear CFDEM developers,

I need to interpolate a user-defined scalar value "Gamma" in one of the dragforce model, e.g. GidaspowDrag.C. I've created a new file named "resetGammaInterpolator.H" under the folder /CFDEM/CFDEMcoupling-PUBLIC-4.x/src/lagrangian/cfdemParticle/cfdTools/resetInterpolators. The file only contains the following line:


I get an error after adding #include "resetGammaInterpolator.H" to the GidaspowDrag.C file during compilation

lnInclude/resetGammaInterpolator.H:1:1: error: ‘GammaInterpolator_’ was not declared in this scope

I am a beginner at C++, I believe I need to declare GammaInterpolator_ somewhere in CFDEM, could you please let me know where to add this and how to compile a new resetInterpolator file? Thanks.