2D or periodic granular simulation with STL mesh

Submitted by aegan on Wed, 07/22/2020 - 23:28

I am trying to convert a 3D simulation of granular flow that includes STL objects into some form of periodic or true 2D simulation in order to reduce run times. I'm hoping someone can point me to an example or to documentation specific to true 2D simulations or to simulations that include a single periodic boundary condition.

I had no luck with my attempts to set "dimension 2". LIGGGHTS complains that my grains are 3D objects.

I was able to set a periodic boundary condition of "boundary f f p" until I added the STL objects. I feel I've run into the warning about periodic meshes listed in the documentation here:

My intent is to model grains falling onto a surface that has physical properties (a coefficient of friction) and an a slope. My hope is to be able to determine a steady-state "angle of repose" as a function of different granular and surface properties. As we are only interested in the geometric distances of height and flow distance, a 2D simulation would be ideal.

Thank you for your help!