Visual Studio compilation

Submitted by apeskhov on Thu, 12/26/2013 - 16:44


Once again they are minor problems with the VS project file.
First you included the automatic script, but apparently forgot to run it ;-)
The included VS project file has old incorrect source files associated with it.
Secondly the erfc file in the is incorrectly indicated as "extra\efc_namd.c", while of course it should be "extra\erf_namd.c". And the forget to included the header "extra\erf.h" file also.

I attached the corrected files.
After correcting this, the compilation works fine.

But when run, LIGGGTHS gives me the following warning:

WARNING: Non-contacting implementation missing (..\fix_contact_history.cpp:162)

Is this something I should worry about ?

Anton Peshkov

Binary Data liggghts_3_vs.tar_.gz6.95 KB