Total calculation time since siumlation start

Submitted by uhelfenstein on Tue, 12/10/2013 - 13:11

I try to visualize the speed of a running solver. To do this I want to dump into a CSV file for example the elapsed time since the first run and the current time steps. This CSV file can be visualized and periodically updated (e.g. with gnuplot or LiveGraph) to estimate the required time to finalize the simulation and to see the change of the simulation speed.
I know that the elapsed time can be computed with the thermo style "cpu". The problem with this cpu time is, that it is only for one run. Because I use "run every" the cpu time is reset after the time steps defined by the every argument. Also the thermo style "cu" isn't very meaningful because it provides not realistic values after a new run (it may be bacause the elapsed time is reset and the thermo stile "cu" is calculated by time_step/elapsed_time).
Is there an other possibility to compute or calculate the elapsed time since the first run? For instance to access the real time clock at the beginning of the simulation and substract the current time from the start time? Or is there another possibility to visualize the solver performance?

Thank you in advance for your inputs.