Can ID(of particle) be assigned to multiple particles?

Submitted by terces907 on Sat, 10/26/2013 - 19:57

Hi, all!
Today, I just saved a point data of my project from "Paraview". And i found that in my "output.csv" had something strange.
Normally, In my understanding one ID(of particle) can be assigned to only one particle so that means when you save point data from Paraview inside your output.csv file for each line shouldn't have the same ID i mean no any ID is duplicated in output.csv file (if it's duplicated that mean that the particle can be located on multiple places at one time and that's impossible)
What are you thinking about this?

I don't know that because my understanding is wrong , there's something wrong in Liggghts or there's something wrong with Paraview?