Compilation works fine but the cases won't run

Submitted by blais.bruno on Tue, 10/01/2013 - 15:54
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Hello everyone,

I have been trying to install cfdem in the past few days but I have had little success.

I am running Ubuntu 13.04. I already had OpenFOAM installed and I have been using extensively, so this should not be a problem. I have installed Ubuntu using the deb pack online using this procedure :

I have installed LIGGGHTS and LPP and have been able to run the test cases without any problem and visualize the results.

However, when compiling the coupling using the cfdemCompCFDEM command I get the following (see attached file cfdcompcfdem).

Although the beggining of the file appears to be weird, it seems compilation goes fine and I do not get any critical error that break down compilation.

However, whenever i go to run a case, I get the following (see attached file). Furthermore, I get the following error to stdout :

rm: cannot remove ‘couplingFiles/*’: No such file or directory

No times selected

From function reconstructPar
in file reconstructPar.C at line 178.

FOAM exiting

and a bunch of "cannot remove".

I am pretty sure something is wrong with my installation, but I cannot pinpoint what it is... Could anyone lend me a hand with this issue?

Thank you very much,