Possible to run CFD-DEM coupling on single core via fix couple/cfd?

Submitted by keepfit on Sun, 09/29/2013 - 02:54

Hi Chris,

I tried to reconstruct the CFD results of "twoSpheresGlowinskiMPI" case, however it seems not possible right now, due to the refined mesh generated during the run.

So i thought run the case with only 1 core will solve this issue, but with dataExchangeModel twoWayMPI the solver does not allow running on single core, even I changed the

mpirun -np $nrProcs $debugMode $solverName -parallel 2>&1 | tee -a $logpath/$logfileName


$solverName > $logpath/$logfileName

It still doesn't work due to calling of MPI function or something like this. Furthurmore, how to set the coupling file for the dataExchangeModel twoWayFiles? It has no option to call the LIGGGHTS file in DEM folder.

couplingFilename "*****.vtk";
maxNumberOfParticles 10000;

So how to figure out this issue, in order to run coupling simulation on single Core?