Belt conveyor with ribs

Submitted by ThomasR on Tue, 07/16/2013 - 05:47
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Hi all,

I want to simulate a belt conveyor with ribs on the surface. (stl attached)
For a flat belt i would usually use the surface_vel command to specify the imported mesh as conveyor belt.
The Problem about this command is that there is no motion of the ribs. Think this behaviour is expected.

I thought about to generate single ribs as stl files and using move/mesh command to move ribs linear with the same velocity as the belt surface. At the end of the belt i would delete the ribs and enter new ribs at the otherside of the belt. I think this should be possible but doesnt sounds very smart to me.

Does anyone got some experience how to deal with this problems and could give me some advices how to do? Maybe got some other ideas i could try.

Thanks for help!

Cheers Thomas