LIGGGHTS using lammps-13Jun13 for granular simulation under windows platform

Submitted by lin on Sat, 06/29/2013 - 01:30

I am studying the LIGGGHTS (lammps-13Jun13) for granular simulation under windows platform but I encountered a number of questions. It is a great appreciation if anyone could give me some clues.

1) I cannot find the file "style_reader.h" and “style_body.h” when I tried to recompile the source code using the visual C++ 2010. How could I get the missing files?
2) Is the python for LIGGGHTS suitable for windows? If not, how could I view the output in windows platform?
3) I tried different version of LIGGGHTS( LIGGGHTS-PUBLIC-master from git) , but the in some version the Granular package is missing? Is it necessary for granular simulation or implemented in other codes?
4) I tried to run the LAMMPS under windows platform for granular simulation using the example( in.pour), but always get the error message related to pair_style . what the wrong with me?