Convection coupling + nuclear heating of grains

Submitted by jtvanlew on Wed, 06/26/2013 - 21:46

I read what I could through the src file of cfd_coupling_convection and the convection coupling is being applied through an addendum of the DEM heat equation with a source term. In my earlier DEM simulations, I've been applying nuclear heating to pebbles and now want to consider an interstitial coolant gas. The nuclear heating is of course also with a source term added to the pebbles.

My question is just whether or not LIGGGHTS and/or the CFDEM coupling of it can handle a second source heating term. I'm concerned that if I apply nuclear heating it will overwrite the convection source or vice versa. I'm working on making a small sample case to experiment with adding a source term before or after the coupling fix to see if it either works at all, and if so if it works only when given in the right order.

But I thought I'd pose the question to the community overall to see if someone can answer concretely just from a better understanding of the coupling algorithm.