Empty regions with insert/pack using more than one processor core

Submitted by gukargl on Mon, 05/27/2013 - 16:12

I try to fill a region with insert/pack using four diferent particle radii from the same template. However, if I try to use more processor cores e.g. 24 instead of 10 then there are empty regions where no particles are inserted. This seems to be associated with using more than one particle, since if only one particle size is used then all regions are filled normally without regard of the number of processors.
I attach two screenshots showing the difference. The first using 24 cores and the second using only 10 cores but the same script.

Additionally I noticed that out of four particle sizes only the first three are implemented and the fourth is completely absent in the distribution.

What I want to do with this model is to create a material sample with given properties which I can use as standard soil sample for further simulations.