4. Commands

This section describes how a LIGGGHTS(R)-PUBLIC input script is formatted and the input script commands used to define a LIGGGHTS(R)-PUBLIC simulation.

4.1. List of all commands

This section lists all LIGGGHTS commands alphabetically, with a separate listing below of styles within certain commands. Note that some style options for some commands are part of packages, which means they cannot be used unless the package was included when LAMMPS was built. Not all packages are included in a default build. These dependencies are listed as Restrictions in the command’s documentation.

atom_modify atom_style bond_coeff bond_style boundary box
change_box clear communicate compute compute_modify create_atoms
create_box delete_atoms delete_bonds dielectric dimension displace_atoms
dump dump_modify echo fix fix_modify group
if include info jump label lattice
log mass neigh_modify neigh_settings neighbor neighbor_skin
newton next orient origin pair_coeff pair_style
partition print processors quit read_data read_dump
read_restart region replicate reset_timestep restart run
run_style set shell thermo thermo_modify thermo_style
timestep uncompute undump unfix units variable
velocity write_data write_dump write_restart    

4.2. bond_style potentials

See the bond_style command for an overview of bond potentials. Click on the style itself for a full description:

harmonic hybrid none

4.4. dump styles

See the dump command for one-line descriptions of each style or click on the style itself for a full description:

custom/vtk image local/gran/vtk movie

4.6. pair_style potentials

See the pair_style command for an overview of pair potentials. Click on the style itself for a full description:

bubble gran hybrid hybrid/overlay
none soft sph/artVisc/tensCorr